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Ryan Mankiewicz - Creative,

nice to meet ya.

Here's a little about me: I'm a Chicago-based, B2C & B2B Sr. Copywriter who's earned her chops in ad copy (digital, social, print), content strategy, SEO blog writing, proofreading, & more.

These days you can find me writing for Nestlé across brands like Nestlé Toll House, Nesquik, DiGiorno, Jack's Pizza, Tombstone, California Pizza Kitchen, Lean Cuisine, San Pellegrino, Perrier, Coffee mate, Hot Pockets/Deliwich, Stouffer's & more! 

Some of my special skills include (but not limited to) making bad dad jokes, awkwardly exiting a conversation, puns, Irish goodbyes, a perfectly placed idiom, an occasional joke that really lands, and working magic with words. 

My brand is a Venn diagram between consumer insightfulness, being a walking thesaurus, and a journalistic grammar warden. 

To learn how I got here, keep scrollin' :]

Welcome!: About Me

Senior Copywriter


Currently living the shopper market dream, writing for Nestlé brands like Sweets: Nestlé Toll House, La Lechera, Libby's Pumpkin Pie, Carnation. Snacks: Hot Pockets, Deliwich. Meals: Lean Cuisine, Life Cuisine, Sweet Earth, Stouffer's. Pizza: DiGiorno, Jack's, Tombstone, California Pizza Kitchen. Water: San Pellegrino, Acqua Panna, Perrier. Creamers: Coffee mate, Natural Bliss, Starbucks. & more! I specialize in ideation, bringing these brands to life in a commerce space from point-of-purchase ads to big activations, and everywhere in between. If you need a creative handle, I'm your girl. Contact me for some examples of my work!

Senior Copywriter

DDB, Chicago

During my time as Senior Content Copywriter, I comfortably played between short and long-form copy at the agency. Some days, I would lend my words to the Tips in a Jiffy blog for our Jiffy Lube client (I may or may not be known as the mother of motor oil), but most of the time I wrote for State Farm. I toggled between two lanes in the insurance world: the health/financial product promotion, which includes agent literature, emails, & more, and of course, writing for the Jake from State Farm campaign through social video script writing, programmatic banner campaigns, & more.
Get a feel for my Jiffy writing here &
Jake from SF work

Advertising Copywriter

My work for Ball ranged across a plethora of subsidiaries, including Selecta One, Darwin Perennials, Ball Seed & more. I served as the Advertising Copywriter in the in-house agency under the Ball umbrella, producing advertisements for global B2B & B2C audiences. I was an integral part of product launches from start to finish, through naming, branding, tagline creation, product descriptions, catalogs, point-of-purchase materials, ad promotion, printed sale materials, experiential events, social video script writing & more. Click here to view work

SEO Content Writer/Project Manager

Advance to the Top – Internet Marketing

I got my start in the world of marketing as an SEO Content Writer and Project Manager for an internet marketing company called Advance to the Top, Inc. During this time, I wrote B2C blogs, press releases, articles & more for clients such as The Tinley Park SportStation.

Check out some samples of my work

Public Affairs & Communications Intern

The Nielsen Company

The Nielsen Company, A/C Nielsen or just Nielsen – however you refer to them, those in the marketing field most likely know the brand. Back in the day, it was Nielsen Boxes keeping track of what people watched on television. Today, it is so much more. Nielsen stops at nothing to provide marketers with what consumers are watching, buying, reading & more. Supported by consumer research and data, I wrote several speeches for events, talking points for radio spots, e-newsletters & more. I'd like to thank this internship experience for my obsession with all things target market.

Promotions Intern

Merlin Media – 97.9 The Loop & Q101.1 Radio

When you're from Chicago, it's hard not to recognize the iconic radio stations of 97.9 The Loop and Q101.1 Alternative. Through my work as a Promotions Intern, I assisted in all brand ambassador functions within the department, to spread brand awareness and increase listenership. I would attend, set up and break down at events and engage with the public through free company giveaways. Plus, I aided in office duties to maintain the promotional processes – if you ever got a call-back for free concert tickets, it was likely from a promotions intern!


Columbia College Chicago

Bachelor of Arts degree in
Advertising Copywriting cum laude

See Speculative Work from Columbia here!

Western Illinois University

Journalism major, Staff Writer for
Western Courier Newspaper
with several front-page feature stories. 

See examples of these articles here



To help bring your vision to life
through carefully curated content. 

Click here to connect with me!

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