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Speculative Work

During my academic career at Columbia College Chicago, I specialized in Advertising with a focus in Copywriting. This path lead me to succeed in classes such as: Copywriting, Copywriting II, Brand Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and more. But, the most impactful course was Agency – providing real agency experience prior to graduation. 

Below are a few examples of my speculative work for Metra and Topgolf, where I created taglines that would bring these brands to the next level.

Metra: You're on the Right Track

Topgolf: A Range of Excitement 

Also below is real-client work from my Agency course for a company called Blue Crates, an on-demand, self-storage and moving company in Chicago. As the Copywriter on my Agency team, I created the tagline: Create Your Place – meaning Blue Crates can help maximize your space to create the home you want. 


Columbia Spec Work: Work
Columbia Spec Work: Pro Gallery
Columbia Spec Work: Pro Gallery
Columbia Spec Work: Pro Gallery
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